Arthur Dowsing with Rods


Dowsing is an ancient art that uses a pendulum or similar device to determine information that is not known to the conscious mind.

Learn to use dowsing in order to:

Discover food intolerances
Find water, pipes, or perhaps even treasure!
Choose flower essences or other remedies


Arthur Dowsing with RodsIn skilled hands, dowsing can be used for many purposes. Perhaps one of the most well known is that of water divining where water can be found by dowsing using angle rods or bent twigs. By using the same technique, geopathic stress can be detected.

It also has many applications in the field of the healing arts. In particular it can be used to determine which, of a very wide range of treatments or medicines, should give the most benefit to the client.

Dowsing has been shown to be accurate under a very wide range of conditions. Double blind tests have given absolutely accurate results with odds of billions to one against their being due to chance. The main problem confronting scientific opinion is that there is no explanation that will fit within the confines of present-day scientific theories. That of course cannot invalidate the fact that the phenomenon exists.

long prom dressesIt has been shown by the late Maxwell Cade that the information that operates the muscular response of the person dowsing can be observed in their brain rhythms. Indeed people who claim not to be able to dowse can be shown to possess exactly the same changes of brain rhythm.

Dowsing is therefore an inherent ability of the vast majority of the population. The main difficulty lies in forging a reliable link between the intuitive areas of the brain and the muscles responsible for the dowsing reactions.


For the most part, we use dowsing to choose flower essences for people, and to determine where there is geopathic stress. Both of these skills are easy to learn using a pendulum and a pair of angle rods.

Dowsing is a wonderful skill to have. I hope you will be interested in the courses and books we have to offer in this area.