Dowsing for Flower Essences

Dowsing over essencesDowsing for flower essences is a wonderful way to choose essences. Here at Bailey Essences, we dowse over several ranges of essences using a pendulum in the hands of a skilled dowser. Primarily, of course, we use the Bailey Essences, but we also dowse over Bach and quite a large range of essences by other producers.

We dowse over the various essences using a witness and a pendulum to determine which essences are best for a person at that time. A witness can be more or less anything, but we usually use a small hair sample, or a photograph. It does not matter if your hair is coloured as the hair is being used as a way of contacting your personal energy.

Once the essences have been chosen, then we make them up into a prescription bottle. This bottle is then given to the person who requested it with a list of the essences and their actions included. The bottle contains enough essences for about a three week period when taken as recommended. This is usually plenty of time to see some benefit.

The speed of healing change that is obtained can vary widely. Sometimes it is rapid. Sometimes it is slow and can only be observed in hindsight over a period of months. It all depends on what the client needs. Some necessary changes may be quite major and any enforced change could cause emotional stress. The flowers act as catalysts, helping the mind-body-spirit unity to update at a speed that is dictated by that client’s inner wisdom rather than being imposed from outside.

In particular the Bailey Essences indicate which old patterns from the past are interfering with freedom in the present. Many illnesses result from the inner tensions that develop when inner promptings of wisdom are frustrated by old conditionings and attitudes. In this the essences help the client to come up to date, leaving behind old patterns that have outlived any usefulness that they once may have had.

Prescription bottleIf you would like a dowsed prescription, you need to send a small sample of hair to us so that it can be dowsed over. You can still process your order on-line if you wish, but we will be unable to complete your order until we receive the hair sample. The hair can be packaged in any convenient way, but should be clearly labelled with your name. Only a small amount of hair is needed – even as little as 3-4 strands, so long as it is packaged well so that we don’t lose it when we unwrap it!

We store the hair samples unless otherwise directed. This means that for further prescriptions, you can order on-line without needing to send another one.

Please note that we dowse over Bach and Bailey ranges as a matter of course and sometimes we find the need for essences from other ranges. If you prefer to use just Bach or Bailey, you should state this clearly when you order.