Dowsing Pendulum

PendulumsYou can easily find a lovely dowsing pendulum in stores or online. You can buy stunning crystal pendulums, or they can be made of precious stones, metal or wood. Or, of course, you can make your own.

Some people think it is important to use a different type of pendulum depending on what you are dowsing for. Some people prefer to use a particular pendulum and do not like to share it. They feel that the pendulum, over time, resonates with their personal energy and they want to keep that link.

I loved Arthur’s down-to-earth and straight-forward approach. Arthur would use anything reliably for a pendulum. He would make people laugh when teaching larger groups when he would provide old nuts tied to the end of a piece of string!

I remember discussing pendulums with him, and the idea that you might use different crystals, for example, in different circumstances.

“Well, of course, you could do that” he said, with a twinkle in his eye. “But what if you had the wrong pendulum with you? Why not keep it simple?”

And so I learned to dowse with whatever came to hand. And so can you.

Having said that, I do have some favourite pendulums. My favourites tend to be heavier ones – metal or crystal or stone. This is merely because heavier weights tend to move more firmly in one direction more quickly. And when I first started dowsing I was impatient!

Then comes the issue whether the weight should be on the end of string, silver chain or cord, or any other particular material. Arthur’s nuts on frayed string answer that quite neatly!!! Anything will do.

And finally, there have been discussions on the length of string one should use. This is a matter of personal preference. Both Arthur and I used a short length of string. Movements are quicker, and the use of the pendulum is more discreet. In fact, Arthur’s favourite pendulum was a crystal attached to his keyring. This made dowsing in shops easy and discreet.

We have a small range of pendulums available here at Bailey Essences, all of which are fairly weighty to aid fast movement.