Geopathic Stress

 What is geopathic stress?
The word geopathic comes from two Greek words: geo meaning ‘of the earth’ and pathos, meaning ‘suffering’ or ‘disease’.

Geopathic stress is caused by ‘radiations’ which emanate from some underground streams, mining disturbances, rock faults and energy ley lines. The specific nature of these radiations is at present unknown but they can affect the buildings that we live and work in, adversely affecting our immune systems. By far the most common source of these negative earth radiations is from underground water flows.

How can it affect us?
Geopathic stress has been linked to many serious and long-term illnesses. It is not thought to cause illness directly but can have a detrimental effect upon the immune system, making sufferers more susceptible to illnesses. Existing problems can also be exacerbated. The effect can be instant, for example after moving into a different house, but is usually more gradual, with a slow deterioration in health. Disturbed sleep patterns are common, along with tiredness, headaches and feelings of fear and depression. Many sufferers say that they cannot explain the exact feeling but that the atmosphere at home or at work feels depressive or ‘not quite right’.   It has been shown that some electrical equipment may be adversely affected by geopathic stress.

Can its presence be proved?
The difficulty is that whatever energy causes geopathic stress, it cannot be directly detected by any present day scientific instruments. However, in one particular instance it was scientifically proven to exist.  A “Segmentelektrograph”, which is a piece of electrical equipment that measures electrical responses in the body, was installed in the consulting room of a medical consultant. This machine works on good established scientific principles and yet the machine stopped working for no apparent reason shortly after installation.

The manufacturers, based in Germany, suggested straight away that the rooms should be checked for geopathic stress, and so Arthur was called in. He visited the site and used rods to neutralise the geopathic stress. Immediately after this, the machine “burst into life” – to quote the consultant. Some time later, the rods were removed by the gardener. The segmentelektrograph then ceased to work again – until the rods were replaced.

How can it be detected?
So far the only methods of detecting the presence of geopathic stress involve indirect measurement. The “Vega” diagnostic machine, that uses acupuncture points in its operation, can be used to check for its presence; so can muscle testing which checks muscular reflexes where the stress is suspected to be present.

In skilled hands, dowsing is perhaps the best method, as it is then possible to detect not only the presence of geopathic stress but also the area of its influence. The origins of geopathic stress are usually simple, such as a stream of underground water, whereas the energy patterns that result may appear complex.

Bizarre though it may seem, it is perfectly possible to dowse a sketch map of a property and obtain accurate information about sources of geopathic stress that may be present.   What is dowsing? Dowsing is an ancient art that uses a pendulum, angle rods, forked twig or similar device to determine information that is not known to the conscious mind.

Read more about dowsing here.

What is the solution?
People have used many different ways to try to neutralise geopathic stress. Moving your bed can have a beneficial effect, but it is far better to know that everywhere in your house is safe by complete neutralisation.

A tried and tested method is to drive metal rods into the ground at points selected by dowsing. Some people call this “Earth Acupuncture”. Correctly done there is rarely any need to visit a house for a second time. When a second visit is needed it is usually due to extreme weather conditions having changed the course of an underground stream.

How can I have my premises checked for geopathic stress?
Unfortunately, we no longer provide a full geopathic stress dowsing service. However, there is a list below of people we recommend. The list is in alphabetical order. Please contact them individually to help.

Ciarán Graham (Ireland)
Master Mariner, Geomancer, Dowser, Healer working in the Shamanic Tradition, Masters Research Student of Spirituality, Electromagnetic Radiation Consultant.
Contact:-  00 353 404 48204 .  Mob     00 353 87 2563895       Email:-

Ciarán has been dowsing earth energies for 14 years, intuitively guided in the traditions of shamanism, earth energy, sacred geometry and the influence of stones on the landscape. He has written many articles on his work which have been published in numerous dowsing journals. He sees the land as a living being which can heal but likewise can become ill, and as creatures of the land our health can suffer as a result. In many incidences it is man’s ignorance of the earth’s subtle ecosystem which has contributed to the type of illnesses that 21st century man is now suffering from. He is deeply committed to help people live in harmony with nature by neutralising the negative effects of geopathic stress, electromagnetic stress, spiritual stress, healing the family tree, and physical or emotional stress.

Happy to initially consult over phone/ email with clients, if map dowsing is requested or deemed necessary the fee is E30.00. He frequently advises overseas clients both in Europe and North America.

For more information please visit Ciaran’s web site

Sandra Kendrew MICSc, MRxS, Dip
Life Coach Geopathic Stress Consultant, Intuitive Life Coach, Healer & Dowser Professional Member of the British Society of Dowsers Registered with the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA)/Healer Foundation
Email:- Tel:   07710 618680    Fax: 01423 544738

With over 20 years of experience in Complementary Medicine, including Nutrition & Diet, EFT, Radio & Media, Sandra has discovered that over 80% of people suffering ill health are sleeping/working in Geopathic Stress. It is important to be surrounded with good energy (free from Geopathic/Geomagnetic/Geopsychic stress).   Initially she dowses your home address and checks out the energies free of charge. If Geopathic Stress is present, Sandra can map dowse from a rough plan of your home for £35. She will then draw the harmful energies on your map, and if the occupants wish, she can dowse the health of their energy field at no extra cost.

Her aim is to neutralise the non beneficial energies of the property & clients, and to offer suggestions as to what is required i.e. distant healing,  how to maintain harmony within the home & body and so on. If a client wishes for a site visit this can be arranged, but it is not essential.   Sandra also runs courses or private tuition on Dowsing for your Home & Health, teaching you how to heal your house & self.

Beth Kydd, Bsc (Hons)

Beth has been working in complementary health for over 14 years and dowsing and remote healing is part of that work and one of her personal interests too. She undertook training with Arthur Bailey some years ago and is delighted to be asked to outline her work on this site.   Beth uses dowsing to check the energies and influences on a site, whether it is a home, an office, a factory or an area. This can be anywhere in the world as all dowsing is remote. She works from a sketch map or plan or occasionally photographs of the place. She will also look into the effects these energies may be having on the occupants and residents. Knowing something about what is there is the first step towards gentle adjustments to make the energies more suitable or appropriate for the current use and those living and working there, without detriment to others or the environment.

Her personal and professional experiences continually teach her that the energies of place, what the Chinese call Feng Shui, are fundamental to any approach to good health and happiness. At times when those energies are ‘not right’ strange events or experiences or health issues can occur and take longer to resolve.   She uses the gentle and subtle energies of a variety of techniques, including the Bailey Flower Essences, to support more beneficial energies of a place. As energies are brought to better a place so health can improve and life has a sense of ease to it, something that is often difficult to define.

She can also check people and animals for general and specific health issues and advise as necessary.   Her initial charge is £35 for dowsing a site and assessing what is present and which may need adjustment.   If a client chooses to have changes made she can advise on how to achieve this or undertake remote healing, as this involves additional works a separate fee is payable by arrangement. A site visit can be undertaken but is rarely necessary, unless by request.

Christopher Strong MA Cantab FSSA
Professional Dowser registered with British Society of Dowsers Accredited Feng Shui Consultant Member Assoc of Therapeutic Healers Lectures at College of Psychic Studies
Stepping Stones, PO Box 108, Evesham, WR11 8ZL
Tel:   01386 833899   Mob:  07785 294503       Email:

Specialises in harmonising the energies of home and work place whether geopathic stress, electromagnetic, psychic disturbance or placement of artefacts. Simply need full address to determine cause, find remedies and clear psychic phenomena, negative history and ghosts.   Donation only.