Electro-magnetic radiation

What is electro-magnetic radiation, and magnetic radiation?
Electro-magnetic and Magnetic radiations are most certainly a problem and can have some serious effects on people.

Magnetic radiation is found when the electricity runs at mains frequency, whereas electro-magnetic radiation is found where the frequency is much higher (radio frequency).

Neither type of radiation exists unless the electrical current is actually flowing. Once switched off, magnetic and electro-magnetic fields disperse instantly (at the speed of light).

Magnetic Radiation
Things which cause problems with magnetic fields are products that use coiled wires, such as induction motors etc. In an average house, these will include: Fridges, dishwashers, electric blankets, mains alarm clocks. Transformers also create magnetic fields.

Obviously, some of these things are integral to our modern day life, such as fridges and washing machines. However, the radiation that these emit is limited, and particularly in things like fridges where the motor is encased.

Electro-magnetic Radiations
At high (radio) frequencies, the electric and magnetic fields combine to form electro-magnetic radiation.

Things which produce electro-magnetic radiation are things that run at high frequencies, such as old style television screens and computer monitors, base units of cordless telephones, wireless internet access, mobile phones (when in use) and phone masts.

How to Deal with Electro-magnetic and Magnetic Radiation
Do not stay close to devices that emit magnetic or electro-magnetic radiation for long periods of time. Keep the bedrooms clear of as many electrical devices as possible that are turned on permanently. Get rid of or change as many devices as possible that emit electro-magnetic or magnetic radiation (see list below).

As of writing this page, there are no known devices that can physically reduce the amount of magnetic or electro-magnetic radiation emitted by cables or devices. Devices that make this claim are not actually reducing the radiation, they are helping the body to cope better with the stress by some other means – healing, placebo, boosting the auric field, etc.

List of equipment we consider it worth changing or being wary of:
Electric blankets (only use before getting in bed).
Mains alarm clocks
Electric hot water bottles – find an alternative.
Cordless phones – change to a phone with a long cord.
Televisions and computers – get a flat screen if you can, or a radiation reducer for the computer and sit across the room from the TV. Do not allow children to sit near the TV.
Wireless internet – go back to a cable.
Mobile phones – limit use.
Mobile phone chargers – charge phones away from where you sit or sleep and do not leave them on more than necessary.

Living under pylons and cables is bad news due to the very high magnetic fields, although there may be some devices that help to reduce the stress.

Living near mobile phone masts is also bad news, although it is possible to do more about this. Silver is a good electrical conductor and effectively blocks high frequencies, ie electro-magnetic radiation. You can buy silver paint to paint inside your home and also buy silver mesh curtains for the windows if it is impossible to move, although these are quite expensive. I believe in Sweden the government recognises this and subsidises this for those affected.

Certainly we recommend not moving to a new house which is near to pylons and cables, or near to telephone masts and substations. Small electrical substations are normally safe if they are at least 6 metres from a home.