House Cleansing

Berries and candlesGeopathic stress is not always the problem. Sometimes, a deep house cleansing can shift stuck energies. This is definitely worth a try as a first step.

Generally speaking, it is understood that keeping our bodies clean leads to better health. When we keep ourselves clean, we feel better. Water washes away the dust and debris of the day.

It follows that cleansing our space is important too. In a modern house, the flow of air is often very limited, and can lead to stale/stagnant air in our home. Also, old energy can become stuck and give rise to feelings of sluggishness. Think of the energy that is generated after an argument, or just in times of stress. These energies can linger. Both of these two problems are very easily solved.

Spring time is the natural time of year to spring clean. This is the time of the Wood energy in Chinese Medicine – a time of renewal, fresh energy and planning. In order to make this new energy flow at its best, we need to clear out our space. By clearing out the old, we make way for the new. House cleansing is most certainly part of this. Sorting out and emptying our space of things we don’t need is also important.

As a rule, I think it’s a good idea to cleanse more regularly than once a year! We usually cleanse our house thoroughly about once a month. But we clean the business area where people visit once a week thoroughly, and we do a quick cleanse between clients. This keeps the energy fresh and healthy.

Quick Cleanse

Protection sprayThe very best and easiest method for doing a quick cleanse between clients, or after some time of stress, or perhaps a visit from a friend with difficulties.

Take a spray bottle (you can buy one from the chemist) and fill with a mixture of half vinegar and water, or half vodka and water. I prefer to use vodka because vinegar smells quite strongly. Add some drops of your favourite essential oils, and some drops of cleansing flower essences – such as Protection & Clearing, or something very specific – for example, you might use Grief if you are handling a deep crisis, or Tranquillity to calm children.

You need to remember to shake the bottle thoroughly before each use in order to make sure that the oils are mixed in before you spray.

Now you can simply spray round the corners of the room, and perhaps spray some mist over yourself. As you spray, think of any stuckness moving freely away and out of the space, making way for fresh and positive energy.

We sell a Protection & Clearing spray which is ideal for the purpose of general cleansing. It contains essences of Black Locust, Scarlet Pimpernel, Lichen, White Cherry and Giant Bellflower. In addition, it contains Rose Otto (for opening up to love of the Universe) , Lavender (for healing at many levels) and Grapefruit (for energising and upliftment). Together these ingredients release any negative energies and lay down protective energies to keep you and your space safe and positive.

Deep Cleanse

Candles and flowersReally, there’s nothing like a traditional spring clean when house cleansing. Open the windows, allow some new air in, and thoroughly clean. As you clean, you can de-clutter. If de-cluttering is a real issue for you, clean as much as you can manage and then spray.

Arthur was a great hoarder – really you had to have seen it to have believed it. When we sprayed in his room with Protection & Clearing, the clearout began! Perhaps you have to change the energy a little before you can really de-clutter.

It’s worth pulling out all the furniture and mopping the floor or treating the carpet before vacuum cleaning.

We prefer to use natural cleaning products for this. You can make your own natural shake and vac to help with odour control by mixing 4 drops of orange essential oil into half a cup of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda). You can then sprinkle this over the carpet, leave for 10 minutes, and then vacuum as usual. If you mop a hard floor, then adding a few drops of orange oil to the water is wonderful. Orange oil is great for odour removal, as is lime oil and lemon oil.

Use a damp cloth with an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down all the surfaces. If this is your yearly spring clean, don’t forget the walls. We use an all-purpose cleaner made as follows: 1/2 teaspoon castille soap 1/2 teaspoon borax 1/2 teaspoon sodium carbonate (washing soda) 2 tablespoons white vinegar 2 cups of hot water

Put in a spray bottle and shake thoroughly until dissolved. You can then use this cleaner on all surface, except for aluminium.

When you have finished the physical cleanse, spray around the room with some flower essences and essential oils (as in the Quick Cleanse above).

I like to finish off a deep cleanse by moving a few things around. I put away ornaments that I’m bored with and bring out new ones. I love to bring in something from nature outside – some flowers, berries, grasses or other greenery, depending on the season.

I usually light a candle (pure beeswax is more expensive, but lasts a long time and doesn’t contain the toxins of your average candle) and do some kind of further energy work. If you feel moved to do this, I love to do the Dance of the Five Elements, followed by a short meditation with an intention to open my space to new opportunities.

If the energy still feels stuck after a thorough cleanse, then it’s worth considering the possibility of geopathic stress. You can either dowse yourself for this, or have the work done by a recommended practitioner.

Happy Cleaning!