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August 2015 – Feed your Fire!

Feed your fire
At this time, Fire is reaching its peak. Certainly here in BC it is fully expressing itself with lightening storms and widespread fires. Although they can be dangerous, these wildfires are also a natural part of the way things work in nature. The trees that burn away make space for new plants to grow and the ash settles into the Earth and makes the land fertile. Fire whirling and swirling! The excitement can be .

July 2015 – Heart Healing

July 2015 – Heart Healing
This is a very creative and potentially healing month, at the height of the Fire season. Fire energy is emotional and creative. The main organ of Fire is the Heart, the home of your spirit. Your Heart is what enables you to communicate and to hold relationships with other people, but also with your inner self. Last month, I talked about the Heart Protector. This feeding of ourselves is still important. When your Hearts .

June 2015 – Think Pink!

red frangipani
Thank you for all the messages of support I received last month. My operation went really well and I feel wonderful. I’m just taking things gently and the reminder to work with Supplementary Fire is really timely. 🙂 Supplementary Fire is the beginning of the Fire season, the most expansive time of the year. I love the supplementary fire season! I love what it represents, and I feel the need to soak it up. .

May 2015 – Little bit at a time

A little bit at a time I find myself in a strange position as the days roll on this month. Various things seem to have conspired to make it difficult to write the newsletter this May, including a virus on my computer, and some health issues. As a result, the newsletter is a little different to normal, and the photographs are simply beautiful pictures of flowers that I love. This year has been a .

April 2015 – The Winds of Change

April 2015 – The Winds of Change Here we are, firmly in the season of Wood in the Chinese Five Elements year. All the elements have associations with different things in life. For example, there is a colour for each element, a time of day, an emotion, a sound and so on. The climatic manifestation of Wood energy is wind. The stagnation of no air movement is not healthy and doesn’t feel so good. .


Lilac is for when our personal development has been stunted by dominant influences. It is time to open up, blossom and grow. Time to accept your own worth and move forward. It is often early in life when our development is halted in this way Small children can easily be dominated and find it difficult to make their true feelings known for fear of their safety – physical or psychological. They may have been .

Lilac Slideshow

I hope you enjoy our Lilac slideshow.   … Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting for Business solution.LilacBeautiful and inspiring photos of lilac. Lilac essence supports us in opening up and blossoming.Blossom.cameramake Canonheight 3888orientation 6flash 9originaldate 5/13/2010 3:45:59 PMwidth 2592cameramodel Canon EOS 400D DIGITCome out of your shellcameramake Canonheight 3888orientation 6flash 16originaldate 5/30/2010 3:59:12 PMwidth 2592cameramodel Canon EOS 400D DIGITbeautiful being.flash 16cameramake PENTAXheight 3216orientation 1camerasoftware Optio RZ10 Ver 1.00originaldate 5/24/2014 7:30:33 AMwidth 4288cameramodel PENTAX Optio .

March 2015 – New Growth

Bank of snowdrops
March 2015 – New Growth I want to illustrate the move from Water into the Wood time of year with these beautiful snowdrops! Snowdrop represents the new beginnings of spring as we break through the hard earth of winter and blossom forth with new growth. For many people, this time of year is like a spring board. We can feel the pull of movement – we are itching to get out there and start .

February 2015 – Staying with it

February 2015 – Staying with it As winter approaches its end, so too does the Water season. Water is the pause between dying back and rebirth, and in February, that pause feels heavily expectant. And yet, although we feel the Earth beginning to stir deep down, we are still in the Water season of non-action and reflection. “Water’s action is nonaction and its form is no-form, like the great Tao whose essence it echoes.” .

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is for yearning. Yearning is an emotional step-up from dreaming – and not in such a good way…. Dreaming and day-dreaming, so long as they don’t take over our lives, are both important activities for human-beings. This is where our creativity springs from. It’s the Water stage in terms of five elements. We allow our thoughts to swirl around, going where they will, flowing freely and suddenly from somewhere, an .

January 2015 – Reflection

Reflections in Cornwall
Happy new year everyone! In terms of Chinese Five Elements, January is in the heart of the Water season, time of reflection, contemplation and spiritual growth. In the spirit of this, I love to make time to look back over the last year and to review all that has happened and all that I have learned. I like to take the time to delve into those things that I feel did not go well, .

December 2014 – Who are you?

The sea at Iona
December 2014 – Who are you? As we move into December, we move from Metal into the Water season, time of reflection and quiet solitude. Who are you when you are alone? Who are you when you are not being a parent, a friend or a worker? The essence of Water in human beings is this inner You. The real you. The you that is the same now as it was when you were .

November 2014 – Grief

November 2014 – Grief The leaves are shedding, the ease and warmth of the summer is over and the nights are drawing in. We are right in the middle of the Metal time of year and the emotion for Metal is grief. Many of us in the modern world push our grief away. I am not talking here about the deep grief process that comes with a big and recognisable loss – loss of .

October 2014 – Clarity

October 2014 – Clarity One of the deep qualities of Metal is discernment and clarity – the ability to choose what we need and discard what we don’t. This discernment can be at a physical, emotional or spiritual level. Metal energy eliminates impurity and keeps valued purity safe to further refine or store. What is it that you need to discard? What is it that you need to focus on more clearly? It could .


Ivy helps us to be strongly rooted in the world when we feel uprooted by the forces around us. Being rooted and grounded in the physical dimension is crucial for human-beings. We are physical beings, and a large part our journey here on Earth is to experience that physicality. It can be easy, however, when life becomes hard for one reason or another to escape into the realm of fantasy, imagination or academic thinking. .

September 2014 – Earth

marigolds in bowl
September 2014 – Earth   Earth represents Mother This is the Earth time of year. Earth is primarily feminine (especially the Mother aspect) and September would be a good month to honour this in some way. You could bring in some symbols of nature and make a small display – rather like a harvest festival table. Light a round yellow candle (yellow is the colour of Earth) and sing a few songs (singing is .

August 2014 – Gentle Fire

Resting in hammock
August 2014 – Gentle Fire When our Fire is in balance, August is a fantastic month for completing projects. The energy is there to make things happen in a focused and positively easy way. But sometimes, in the peak of the Fire Season, the height of creativity, the peak of the energetic year, we actually feel exhausted. Our Fire is deficient. We need stillness to replenish our energy This may well have its roots .


Beautiful buttercup
Buttercup is one of the flowers in the Fire Deficient composite. And it is in flower during the Fire season. When someone is deficient in their Fire energies, there can be lack of joy, inability to love and hatred. There are other presenting qualities such as apathy, depression, feeling cold and other things. But the lack of joy and inability to love can be directly soothed with Buttercup. Buttercup opens our energies towards others, .