August 2014 – Gentle Fire

Resting in hammock
August 2014 – Gentle Fire When our Fire is in balance, August is a fantastic month for completing projects. The energy is there to make things happen in a focused and positively easy way. But sometimes, in the peak of the Fire Season, the height of creativity, the peak of the energetic year, we actually feel exhausted. Our Fire is deficient. We need stillness to replenish our energy This may well have its roots .


Beautiful buttercup
Buttercup is one of the flowers in the Fire Deficient composite. And it is in flower during the Fire season. When someone is deficient in their Fire energies, there can be lack of joy, inability to love and hatred. There are other presenting qualities such as apathy, depression, feeling cold and other things. But the lack of joy and inability to love can be directly soothed with Buttercup. Buttercup opens our energies towards others, .

July 2014 – Moving Forward

On the swings
July 2014 – Moving Forward As the summer heightens, we are in the fullness of the Fire element. We are approaching the peak time of creativity in the elemental year. Trust the opportunities and changes that “coincidentally” cross your path this month. Stay quietly alert and open so that you don’t walk past the sideroad that could lead you down a new and potentially more fulfilling path. Step out of your Own Way In .