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Essential News from Ilkley, April 2017

Essential News from Ilkley, April 2017
Becca explained last month that March was to be her final newsletter for the moment for Bailey Essences. This is a reflection of it being already over a year since we began working as Yorkshire Flower Essences Ltd, incorporating Bailey Essences and Verbeia Essences and Body Care. We remain in the same office and production accommodation as ever, in Nelson Road, Ilkley, the home of Chris Bailey. First of all, we would like to .


Lilac is for when our personal development has been stunted by dominant influences. It is time to open up, blossom and grow. Time to accept your own worth and move forward. It is often early in life when our development is halted in this way Small children can easily be dominated and find it difficult to make their true feelings known for fear of their safety – physical or psychological. They may have been .

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is for yearning. Yearning is an emotional step-up from dreaming – and not in such a good way…. Dreaming and day-dreaming, so long as they don’t take over our lives, are both important activities for human-beings. This is where our creativity springs from. It’s the Water stage in terms of five elements. We allow our thoughts to swirl around, going where they will, flowing freely and suddenly from somewhere, an .


Ivy helps us to be strongly rooted in the world when we feel uprooted by the forces around us. Being rooted and grounded in the physical dimension is crucial for human-beings. We are physical beings, and a large part our journey here on Earth is to experience that physicality. It can be easy, however, when life becomes hard for one reason or another to escape into the realm of fantasy, imagination or academic thinking. .


Beautiful buttercup
Buttercup is one of the flowers in the Fire Deficient composite. And it is in flower during the Fire season. When someone is deficient in their Fire energies, there can be lack of joy, inability to love and hatred. There are other presenting qualities such as apathy, depression, feeling cold and other things. But the lack of joy and inability to love can be directly soothed with Buttercup. Buttercup opens our energies towards others, .