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Scintilla Essences: Catalysts for Change! Shifting animal energies at Summer Solstice!

Scintilla Essences: Catalysts for Change! Shifting animal energies at Summer Solstice!
Flower essences for animals – and their owners, too! Do you have or know an animal whose behaviour is challenging or puzzling? Would you like to boost their emotional health and wellbeing? We are celebrating moving into our second year by launching  ‘Scintilla for Animals’. The Scintilla for Animals essences combine Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Essences in specific ways designed to support animals (and their people,) at times of particular emotional difficulties. They are very .

Essential News from Ilkley, April 2017

Essential News from Ilkley, April 2017
Becca explained last month that March was to be her final newsletter for the moment for Bailey Essences. This is a reflection of it being already over a year since we began working as Yorkshire Flower Essences Ltd, incorporating Bailey Essences and Verbeia Essences and Body Care. We remain in the same office and production accommodation as ever, in Nelson Road, Ilkley, the home of Chris Bailey. First of all, we would like to .

Farewell for now….

This is a momentous newsletter for me marking the end of an era. It’s time to say farewell for now. It is a year since the business was passed on to Jenny and Nicky from me. Chris is still very much involved, but I am no longer a part of the business. As part of the agreement, I said I would continue to write this newsletter for a year after the changes. This newsletter .

February 2017 – Finding Courage

Go with the flow
Finding Courage At this time we are still in the depths of the season of Water in the Chinese Five Elements. When our Water is in balance, we are able to meet our daily lives with courage and equanimity. We can go with the ebb and flow of life. We take the highs and the lows in our stride. However, when Water is out of balance, it can’t support our courage. Our fears rise up .

New Year – January 2017

Happy New Year everyone! It’s my heart-felt wish that each and everyone one of us finds a way to meet the highs and the challenges of 2017 with open hearts and solid integrity. Not a good time for New Year resolutions This newsletter is about gentle new beginnings. In my opinion this is not a good time of year to make big New Year resolutions. This is a deeply yin time of the year .

December 2016 – Inner Peace

inner peace = peace on earth
As we move from Metal to Water, our focus naturally turns more deeply inwards. It’s a great time for reflection and to pay attention to our innate spirituality. And a move, ideally, towards inner peace. Fear When we extend beyond our ordinary boundaries (even within ourselves) we are in the limitless vastness of Water. This can be a positive experience – or it can be frightening. Fear accompanies the unknown and fear is the .

November 2016 – Grief

Allow grief to unfold
Yesterday morning I received the Power Path newsletter that I like to read each month in my inbox. The theme of that newsletter was Forgiveness. My initial feeling was that I don’t feel that I have a need for forgiveness – I don’t think I’m holding too many grudges. But as I read the newsletter, I realised how much I need to forgive myself – and I also realised that this is probably something most .

October 2016 – Clearing

Yellow leaves against blue sky
We’re approaching the end of the brief Earth season in Chinese Five Elements and heading rapidly towards Metal. In last month’s newsletter I talked about the need for being grounded, and gave suggestions for ways to keep your Earth element in balance. All of those things are still important at this time of year. Eat nourishing food, socialise with friends, spend some time clearing and de-cluttering…. In addition, we can remember that one of .

September 2016 – Transition

September 2016 – Transition
Transition I felt the first stirrings of Autumn a few days ago as we began our transition into the Earth season of the Five Elements. The light changed and there was just a hint of a nip in the morning air. It’s hot today, but the seeds of change have been planted. Earth is very much to do with transitions and at this time of year there are many to deal with. There is .

August 2016 – Self-love

Love and light rule
Hello everyone! We are in the peak of the Fire season right now! And it still feels very much to do with the Heart energy that I’ve been talking about over the last few months. In Chinese medicine, the Heart’s blood nourishes self-love. When our Heart is not open, our spirit is disturbed and we can become tired and anxious. Looking after ourselves spiritually, so that we can open our hearts, build healthy relationships .

July 2016 – Transformation

Love Transformation!
In her wonderful monthly newsletter, Lena Stevens of the Power Path talks this month about transformation and in particular the transformation of relationship and love. The element of Fire is a symbol of transformation. In a literal sense, Fire transforms all that it burns. Fire becomes ash, which creates a rich and fertile Earth. Spiritually, that transformation can mean transcendence of spirit – transformation of reality into something new – a new awareness. Emotionally, .

June 2016 – Fun

Relax with Rose
As we move into June, we also move into Supplementary Fire – the first part of the season of Fire in Chinese Five Elements. Supplementary Fire is about filling our cup with love so that we can overflow naturally into the world. We can do this by having fun and pampering ourselves. Yay! I love this time of year! Have fun with massage, visit a spa, have friends round and paint your nails together, .

May 2016 – Protection in order to open

We’ll be in England soon! I can hardly wait. I hope I haven’t missed the bluebells. I hear they are early this year. And yet I long to sit in the bluebell woods and breathe in the amazing scent of the bluebells. Bluebells lift my energy. April was a chaotic month in terms of energy – it often is! And unless your Wood energies are well balanced, it can be quite hard to handle. .

April 2016 – Unsettled Frustration

Red Poppy header
As the spring flowers sing out to us and the leaves unfurl, we enter the season of Wood, the season of growth and creation and new beginnings (and potentially frustration!). New beginnings abound with the Bailey essences business of course! The website is changing – the shopping cart has been improved and looks quite lovely. As things change, there are inevitably little hiccoughs. If anyone notices anything on the website that needs to be .

New Beginnings – March 2016

Big changes at Bailey Essences
Wood is a time of exciting movement, new beginnings and planning – and it’s like that more than ever in the Bailey Essences business this year. For a number of years, since I have been in Canada, the business has struggled. I have been looking for almost as long for someone to help, since I felt it wasn’t possible for me to run the business successfully from such a distance. We have now found .

February 2016 – The Pause

Fuji Cherry
And we pause before action…. Deep in the Earth, spring is rising. Even though the ground may be frost covered, the snow deep and the air bitingly cold, we can feel the stirrings of the sap. It can be a strange time of year, like the end of a pregnancy, the pause before birth. Time seems suspended and can feel to be moving quite slowly and yet excitement is building, behind the scenes. And .

Insight – January 2015

honest self reflection
Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2016 is a fantastic year for you, full of insight and growth. Honest self-reflection leads to great insight This time of year, right in the middle of the Water season, is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the year that has gone before. The power of honest self-reflection and insight is enormous. It is a sign of real maturity to be able to recognise our own behaviour, .

December 2015: Flow

We are entering the season of Water, the dark and cold time of year. Water completes and begins the cycle of the seasons. Water is the void from which all creation is formed. In terms of our lives, it is the potential from which we came and it represents the journey that we make into death. In terms of any given project, it is the time when we pause and reflect at the end of .

November 2015: Letting go

The leaves are almost fallen, the food is stored and a period of rest is beginning for most plants and animals. The season of Metal is a time to clean and firm up our boundaries in final preparation for Water, the time when we sink the most deeply into ourselves. When Metal energy is in balance, it supports the removal of the unnecessary in life so that what remains is the treasure, the golden .

October 2015 – Completion and Grounding

Piccalilli on garden wall
We are still in the Season of Earth, although we are moving to Metal as this month passes by. The main aspect of Earth is bringing to fruition everything that has come before. You can have lots of creative ideas and lots of energy to work at things, but until you return to Earth, the project cannot be completed – the harvest cannot happen. We are drawing close to the end of the Earth .