December 2015: Flow

We are entering the season of Water, the dark and cold time of year. Water completes and begins the cycle of the

Water is the void from which all creation is formed. In terms of our lives, it is the potential from which we came and it represents the journey that we make into death. In terms of any given project, it is the time when we pause and reflect at the end of a project, and it is the potential from which creative ideas are drawn for the next project.

Being the most yin, inward, dark time of year can make it seem negative, uninviting and even frightening. Indeed, the emotion attached to Water is fear.

But when Water is fully supported, and time is made for some rest and recuperation, the rewards of deep inner peace and spiritual growth are unsurpassed.

Water flowingAs we approach the festive season, our lives can become busy and pressured, or they can feel overwhelmingly sad and lonely, depending on our circumstances. Trying to find a balance and a healthy middle road will allow you to honour and respect the power of the Water season and increase your potential for health and well-being through the coming year.

Without proper boundaries, Water is all over the place! Think about a beaver dam. The dam is built across the river and creates a pool of water for the beavers. The Water is safely contained, but it still flows freely under the dam. This is how we need to hold our Water energy. We create boundaries for it, but we allow it to continue to flow. Stagnant Water is not healthy Water.

Supporting our Water element means taking aspects of all the other elements and building them into your life to make a healthy container for the Water, which can then flow appropriately. Meaning, we can go with the flow, finding the path of least resistance.


Earth Mediterranean Sageis the element that most supports Water in terms of diet. We need the Earth diet of root vegetables and warming soups and stews to keep us healthy through the winter. Ideally, food should be warm and well-cooked during the Water season.

The essence of Mediterranean Sage is a wonderful earthing essence that also reflects the wisdom and depth of Water from a firm base.


Sacred Lotus

Fire supports Water through connection to our Heart centre. Regular meditation keeps us grounded, in touch with our Hearts and open to the depths of oneness that come through Water energy.

A beautiful essence for Heart connection and to support meditation is Sacred Lotus.


Yorkshire FogMetal supports Water through the breath. Awareness of breath and a practice of deep breathing keeps the Lungs healthy and helps us to maintain healthy boundaries.

Grief can compromise Lung function and so I suggest Yorkshire Fog to allow grief to wash through.



OakWood supports Water through movement. Regular qi gong, t’ai chi, yoga or similar energy exercises are perfect.

Oak mirrors quiet inner strength of the kind that is promoted by a regular practice of qi gong or other energy exercise.

Another aspect of Earth that is important for the support of Water is maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. This means having a good balance between work and rest, resting after meals where possible, staying warm, staying connected with community and taking care of our emotions.

A combination of these things will support Water energy to flow healthily through the season and lay a foundation for choosing to explore Water more deeply and in a safe and healthy way.

Water can pull us in to deeply turbulent emotions that do not nurture us. And yet it can, if we support it, be a positive pause, a period of rest, recuperation and positive reflection. This period of inner reflection is inevitable, whether we choose it or not. The inexorable pull of Water is stronger than anything. Think of a tsunami wave – how it simply moves where it will, flattening and destroying everything in its way.

yin-yang-balancerWe can do it the hard way, or the easy way. Either way, we must return to Water, to our inner being. And we must do this in the cycle of any process, in the cycle of the seasons and in the cycle of life and death.

But being contemplative and reflective and going inward does not mean hibernating for the Winter. Water is the source of Yin and Yang – the balance. We need the cold – and we need the warmth. We need the rest, and we need the Earth connections of gatherings with people to share food, fun and laughter.

We need it all! And most especially, we need flow.

Yin Yang Balancer is a great essence to take when we feel that we are generally unbalanced in life. Yin Yang balancer contains Delphinium, to open us to the full depths and mysteries of our intuitive wisdom, Honesty to become more open and receptive, Larch to develop our intuition, Nasturtium to encourage dynamic balance between yin and yang, Red Clover to allow support from Yin and Siberian Spruce to support Yang.

Best wishes to you for the festive season from us all here at Bailey Essences. We hope you have a wonderful season filled with peace, love and light, flowing through the path of least resistance to wherever your life takes you. 🙂