Earth Element

shop brand new designer wedding dresses 2016 at queenofvictoria.comWhen the Earth element is in balance, a person will feel centred, grounded and well-nourished – emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Balanced Earth people are sensual and enjoy the sense of feel and touch. These people are stable, and comfortable and give nourishment to others. They are empathic, patient and caring – mothering without smothering.

The Earth season is late summer to early Autumn – the season for harvest. In addition, there is a period of time between each of the other Elemental seasons that is for Earth. We return to Earth, to our Centre, for replenishment at the end of each season.

When Earth is out of balance, we can help in a variety of ways.  Acupuncture, shiatsu and other similar energy work are all wonderful. There are further suggestions of things we can do at home below, and of course, we can use flower essences.

Earth Deficient
When Earth is deficient, the presenting qualities might include loss of appetite, lack of metal clarity, over-thinking, worrying, needy, clingy, unsympathetic, easily led, lethargic, ungrounded, self-centred. You can use the Earth Deficient flower essence to help with this.

Also, there are lifestyle changes that you can make to help to balance Earth deficiency.

Earth Excess
When Earth is in excess, the presenting qualities might include being over protective of others, smothering, overly sympathetic, overly responsible, obsessive, obstinate, stubborn, seeking sympathy. You can use Earth Excess flower essence to help with this.

During the times of Earth, or when our Earth energies are out of balance, it may well help to try some of the suggestions below.

Walk, preferably barefoot, and feel the Earth beneath your feet in order to ground you and connect to Earth.

Chew your food slowly and thoroughly because Earth is deeply connected with the transformation of food to energy (Gu Qi).

If you are out of balance in this element, you may find it useful to work with, look at or wear warm yellows and oranges in some way.


The best foods to eat for a deficiency in Earth are:
Hearty, filling, warm and balanced meals emphasising corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, onions, cabbage and melons as well as plenty of whole grains. Meat, fish and nuts are also important where Earth is deficient. READ MORE

Foods to Avoid when deficient in Earth:
Refined sugar, coffee and tea.

The best foods to eat for an excess in Earth are:
Wood element foods such as plentiful cooked greens, grains in moderation, small amounts of lemon, sour plums, yogurt and pickles like sauerkraut, and celery and Fire element foods such as watercress, dandelion greens, turnips and ginger.

These foods feed our Wood and Fire energies so that they can control an over-active Earth.

Foods to Avoid when in excess with Earth:
Dairy and soy, alcohol and sugar

In general, the diet should be lighter.

Great Earth foods that can be eaten in either condition are:
Onions, artichokes, cabbage, corn and wheat.