Earth Deficient

When you are Earth deficient, meaning that you are deficient in your Earth energies, you need to support your Spleen energy.

Build a strong routine into your life.
Warrior StanceThis is for the long haul. Qi Gong masters who live into their late years (often over 100 years old) have a strict routine in life. They rise at the same time, do their exercises at a certain time, eat well and at the right times, and they go to bed at the same time.

This may sound boring – and it doesn’t need to be so strict for us to lead a healthy life. But the fact remains that most of us simply work better when we have a healthy framework for our lives. Rising and sleeping at roughly the same time, having regular meals and making sure that we maintain a balance between work, play, eating and resting are what it means to have a routine.

I work from home and I homeschool my two children and when I finally realised just how deficient my Earth had become from a lack of routine, skipped meals and continual stress, I made myself a strict routine. I enlisted my family to help and explained what was going on. They have been very supportive since we made the routine together to take into account their needs. Slowly, my health is improving.

The main difficulty was around eating healthy food regularly. We found it helped to make a menu for a few days in advance so that we could be sure to have all the ingredients we needed at hand.

Eat regularly
The Spleen works best if you eat at regular times each day.

Eat cooked food
Warm food is easier for your digestion when your Earth is deficient. Avoid cold foods entirely, such as salad and raw foods and juices. Avoid iced and refrigerated drinks altogether. Nourishing soups, herbs teas, hearty stews…. these are the best foods for when your Earth needs to be built up.

Eat slowly
earthy dinnerThe care and action of eating is very much to do with Earth. This food you are eating is to nourish you, so you need to eat it with loving intention. Don’t just gulp it down. Preferably, eat at the table out of beautiful dishes so that you honour the food you are about to eat. Earth is to do with transformation and when you eat you transform food into energy.

Don’t eat too much in one sitting
Your Spleen needs nourishing, so you should eat heartily, but not to excess. Certainly don’t eat less than you need to feel satisified, but just don’t over-eat. Over-eating is tiring for your body as it has to work hard to digest all that food in one go. When your Spleen is deficient, this is particularly tiring. Better to eat three smaller meals and have snacks between them.

Rest after eating
If at all possible, actually lie down and close your eyes for 20 minutes after eating. If this is not possible, at least engineer your day so that you can sit down and do an activity that doesn’t require too much mental or physical effort.

Earth foodsThings to include in your diet
Hearty, filling, warm and balanced meals emphasising corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, onions, cabbage and melons as well as plenty of whole grains.

Meat, fish and nuts are also important where Earth is deficient.

Reduce or cut out
Alcohol, white sugar and coffee.
Alcohol puts too much strain on the body, as does caffeine.
Sugar is the flavour of Earth, and a small amount when deficient in Earth is fine – but it’s important not to overload the body with sugar which gives a quick energy rush and then a crash back down again. When your Earth is deficient, your focus needs to be on balancing your blood sugar. When you do eat sugars, think of more natural sugars like local honey or blackstrap molasses.

Do not eat late at night
If your body has to spend time digesting food, it has less time to spend on rejuvenation and resting.

Take Earth Deficient flower essence
Earth Deficient flower essence helps to address some of the underlying causes of becoming deficient in Earth in the first place.


For those who put their own needs last.

It gives us space to consider what we need and to energise those needs from a firm, earthed base.


Brings mental clarity and helps us to shed the bitterness that can often arise when the outside world does not meet up with our expectations. Sometimes when we get too embroiled in our bitterness, we can enter a fantasty world of “what ifs”.


Helps us to hold on when other forces would seek to dislodge us. A supreme grounding essence, helping to underpin the vulnerabilities of Earth.


Helps to overcome lack of nurturing in the first few years of life.

That lack of nurturing can seriously compromise the same aspect in our own make-up.


Include regular exercise
But be aware that if your Spleen is depleted, you should choose your exercise carefully to make sure that you nourish your body and build your way up to fitness. Ideal exercises are short walks (wrapped up warm) and energy exercises such as qi gong and yoga. Even then, carefully chosen exercises will support you the best.

Specific exercises that will help:

by Mimi Kuo-Deemer

by Prune Harris of Imaginal Health

Some Other General Activities
Wear yellows and oranges. These are the colours of Earth and help to support the energy.

Bring yellow and orange flowers into your home to lift the Earth energy.

Be aware of the holding energy of Earth. When you sit in your chair, or lie in bed, feel the holding energy of Earth supporting and holding you.

Make sure that you bring comfort into your home. Add extra cushions, a soft rug for warmth, a new pillow in bed. Anything that encourages a feeling of being held and nourished and cared for.

Becca's feet in sandWalk barefoot on the Earth.