Fire Element

Fire ElementWhen the Fire element is in balance a person will have great joy in living. They will be full of energy, expansive,  spontaneous and fun.

They are dynamic, strong and persistent, as well as being warm and seeking heartfelt communication with others.

They will have a good sense of speech and expression, be creative and imaginative and able to express their ideas very well.

Fire can be further divided into Supplementary Fire and Fire. Supplementary Fire is still a part of Fire, and so we have grouped them together in the Fire essences. The season for Supplementary Fire is early summer and Fire is high summer. Supplementary Fire protects the Heart Centre and supports the creativity and powerful emotion of Fire.

When Fire is out of balance, we can balance it out in a variety of ways. Acupuncture, shiatsu and other similar energy work can help. There are further suggestions of things we can do at home below, and of course, we can use flower essences.

Fire Deficient
When Fire is deficient, the presenting qualities might include lack of joy, inability to speak, cold extremities, apathy, depression, exhaustion, inability to love, hatred. Fire Deficient essence can help with this.

Fire Excess
When Fire is in excess, the presenting qualities might include compulsiveness, desire for permanent joy, aggression, impatience, impulsive, going over the top, goes too far, inappropriate laughter. Use Fire Excess essence to help with this.


During the times of Fire (summer), or when our Fire energies are out of balance, it may well help to try out some of the suggestions below.

Supplementary Fire. Cossett yourself. It makes you feel warm inside and this supports the Triple Heater, bringing warmth and harmony to the three spaces (xu).

Fire Have some light-hearted, non-competitive fun – play pooh sticks, go on a swing, dance to some music. When we are light-hearted and enjoying ourselves, the spirit (shen) is uplifted.

Find inspiration in a creative class – pottery, painting, writing or cookery, for example.