Metal Element

Metal Element

When the Metal element is in balance, a person will be organised and structured with appropriate and clear boundaries.

They are business oriented, ambitious, forceful and firm as well as being self reliant and self confident.

They have good clarity of thought, and will cut through nonsense firmly with their excellent communication skills.


When Metal is out of balance, we can work in different ways to redress it. Acupuncture, shiatsu and other similar energy work can help. There are further suggestions of things we can do at home below, and of course, we can use flower essences.

Metal Deficient
When Metal is deficient, the presenting qualities may include being unable to relate to others, loss of structure, feeling disconnected, melancholy, suffering with prolonged grief. You can try using the Metal Deficient essence to assist with this.

Metal Excess
When Metal is in excess, the presenting qualities may include rigid thinking, and a person may be unreceptive to new ideas, controlled and controlling, overly analytical, overly ambitious, unyielding. You can use Metal Excess flower essence to help with this.


During the times of Metal, or when our Metal energies are out of balance, it may well help to try some of the suggestions below.

Review your boundaries, because Metal is concerned with clarity. Are people in your space when you don’t want them to be? Or are you holding people at bay because your boundaries have become too rigid?

Enrol in a book or film review club, for example, in order to be open to new ideas and open up communication with other people as Metal out of balance can become rigid and unreceptive to new ideas.

If you are out of balance in this element, you may find it useful to work with, look at or wear white in some way.