Water Element

Water Element

When the Water element is in balance, a person will be calm and able to go with the flow. They are easy with change, growth and movement.

They are spiritually connected and perceptive, wise and flexible.

They have excellent will-power and are comfortable with their own sexuality.

When Water is out of balance, we can regain equilibrium  in a variety of ways. Acupuncture, shiatsu and other similar energy work can help. There are further suggestions of things we can do at home below, and of course, we can use flower essences.

Water Deficient
When Water is deficient, the presenting qualities might include fearfulness, inability to stick to anything, poor memory, lack of will power, premature aging, loss of libido, feelings of guilt, moaning. You can use the Water Deficient flower essence to help with this.

Water Excess
When Water is in excess, the presenting qualities might include recklessness, over-ambition, over-dominance, excessive sexual desire, jealousy, holding a grudge. You can use the Water Excess flower essence to help with this.


The season for Water is winter – the season of rest and reflection. During the times of Water, or when our Water energies are out of balance, it may well help to try some of the suggestions below.

Go to bed early because Water belongs to Yin which is replenished during the night.

Engender a positive attitude. Whenever a negative or fearful thought arises, deliberately find a positive one to counter it because the positive thoughts help to bring light to the hidden depths of the Water, so creating movement and an ability to go with the flow.

When water becomes stuck, it becomes brackish and poisonous, whereas when it goes with the flow, it is a clear bubbling stream and this idea is reflected within a person. Water is very much to do with the interface between mind, body and spirit. Actually walking by an easily flowing stream or river can help you to understand and feel into the hard to grasp nature of the Water element and may indeed help to balance it.

If you are out of balance in this element, you may find it useful to work with, look at or wear blue or black in some way.