About the Bailey Essences Company

Bailey Flower Essences was set up formally as a company in 1992, but had been running as a small cottage industry since 1967 when Arthur discovered his first essence.

We have been making flower essences for many years, and it is far more than a business to us. In my family, we use flower essences pretty much daily – I can’t imagine my life without them.

We regularly take the essences when life is hard , certainly, but also because there are areas in our lives that I recognise we could handle more skillfully and we like to try to work with this proactively.

When life becomes difficult, I use energy exercises, meditation and flower essences. I instinctively know that these things together really help.

Rebecca Hunter As a family, we are working towards including these things in our lives on a daily basis, rather than just in times of crisis.   I joined the business formally in 1992, although I had been helping Arthur with his essences before this time. I still run the business today, albeit from a distance. I moved to Canada in 2010 with my husband, Stephen, and two children (Jamie and Oscar).
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Chris Bailey Chris (my mother, and Arthur’s wife) was always a huge support for Arthur. She went with him on most of his trips to collect flowers, and she helped enormously in the quest for the understanding of each essence. In particular, Chris worked with Arthur to find the right words to express the meanings of the flowers. Since Arthur died, Chris has also taken over the photography, and most of the photos on this site belong to her.
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Arthur Bailey The story of how Arthur came to make his first essences in his own words is a lovely one. His path led him to eventually make a total of 101 single essences, plus some research essences that have not as yet been shared.Arthur’s life as a scientist who learned to embrace the mysticism of life is fascinating. Chris and I recently wrote a short history of Arthur’s life which includes more general information about his life as well as how he developed his flower essences. I hope you enjoy reading it!

The business is based in the small town of Ilkley in Yorkshire, England. Arthur was born and raised in Yorkshire in the nearby town of Bingley, and it’s great that the business has stayed so local.

Our photo gallery shows pictures of the property from the inside and out.