Chris Bailey

Chris BaileyChris Bailey was born in 1938 in Marple, Cheshire. She spent her early years in Peterborough, and the family moved to the North of England in 1947, and finally to Ilkley in 1951. Chris trained as a primary school teacher, specialising in art and worked in teaching until she took early retirement in 1988.

She first began to work in the area of personal development in 1979. During this highly significant year, she met her first mentors.

She worked with Bruce MacManaway, who introduced her to the healing arts. She learned from Max Cade, who taught her what was happening with the unconscious mind, and finally, she met John Garrie, who she worked with for many years. Through John, Chris learned about grounding, meditation and being fully present in mind, body and spirit.

Other significant teachers during this period of time were Caroline Sherwood, who worked with colour and auras, and Dorothy Lewis who taught Chris how to dowse.

It was during this time that Chris met Arthur, although they didn’t become involved as a couple until around 1983.

Chris and Arthur married in 1986, and just a few months before the marriage, Arthur bought the house next door to Chris on Nelson Road. Chris had recently finished her massage training, and she began her practice in the new house.

At the time of buying her house in Nelson Road in 1979, Chris also rented a delipidated barn close by. With the help of friends, she converted it into a fully functioning pottery. When Chris and Arthur came together, Arthur, with his extensive knowledge of electronics and DIY became Chris’s technician and the pottery underwent great and exciting development.

Chris worked with her ceramics again as a hobby, and would often facilitate workshops run by herself and other artists.

Art has always formed a large basis of Chris’s work. The top room of the new house was knocked into one, and Chris and Arthur ran meditation workshops, exercise classes including T’ai Chi and Qi Gong and hosted a wide variety of different art based and personal growth workshops.

Chris went on to train in Shiatsu with Sonia Moriceau, qualifying in 1993. The house on Nelson Road grew over time into the Healing Centre that is still running today.

In 1998, art again came to the fore in Chris’s life and she began to do further training in ceramics at Shipley college. In 1999, she enrolled at Harrogate College on a two year National Diploma in Design Crafts (Ceramics). She continued to enrol in courses every year thereafter and is still in attendance at the college.

Green and Purple Glass PlatterIn 2004 she began to take a serious interest in glasswork, and has been working since then in glass making a series of beautiful pieces with inspiration taken from nature and from her work with five elements and colour.

Chris has been involved in the flower essence business since she first met Arthur in the early 1980s. She accompanied Arthur on most of his collecting trips, and was deeply instrumental in finding the words to express the meanings of the essences.

Since Arthur died in 2008, Chris has become the photographer for the flower essences. She continues with her glass, pottery, flower essence work and photography while enjoying the company of six grandchildren and overseeing the Ilkley Healing Centre.