How Flower Essences are Made

Sun MethodFlower essences are made by transferring the energy of the plant into water, in one way or another, and then preserving this essence in alcohol.

We use the “sun” method for making most of the Bailey flower essences. As with the Bach essences, the flowers (or the part of the plant that we use) are placed in a bowl of water and left in the sun for some time. The plant material is then strained off, and the remaining water is preserved with an equal amount of vodka. This becomes our mother tincture. We find that even in winter we get powerful essences, if we pick a bright sunny day.

The flowers are not always cut in the making of Bailey Flower Essences. Some of the essences have been made by pouring water over the bloom and collecting this water.

Other methods are sometimes used, depending on the flower. For example, we make our Cymbidium Orchid essence, using moonlight in a similar way to the sun method.

Giant BellflowerAnother essence, Giant Bellflower is made by preparing the flower by the sun method, and the seed head separately by floating it in vodka in the sun for the same length of time as the sun essence.These two Mother Tinctures are then mixed together to make the Mother Tincture for the Giant Bellflower essence.

Although the initial inspiration for the Bailey essences was the work of Dr Bach, they are not produced in quite the same way. The “boiling” method has been replaced with alcohol extraction, which, for us, gives a more rounded quality to the essences. This is most likely due to aromatic compounds being dissolved in the alcohol, rather than being driven off by the boiling process. In this method, the plant material is collected and soaked in vodka. The plant material is then strained off, and the remaining liquid is the mother tincture.

At first the Bach rates of dilution were used. However, after some checks by dowsing, it was discovered that greater potency could be obtained by a different procedure. Instead of diluting straight from the original “mother tincture” to the stock bottles, a two-stage dilution was evolved. This has proved to be beneficial in giving greater potency to the finished stock essences. It appears that some potency is lost if too great a dilution is achieved in a single stage. The reason for this is not clear, but it may be related to the way that water absorbs the information from the original herbal extract.

The dilution is approximately 10,000:1 from mother tincture to stock bottle (two stages each of about 100:1). The first dilution from mother tincture we term our “daughter” tincture. The second stage of dilution is the finished stock bottle.

Our daughter tinctures are “energised” by tapping them 3 or 4 times on the ball of the thumb. This energising is not essential, but we feel it gives a more “solid” feel to the final stock essence.

All the essences are hand-made using pure spring water and vodka as the base. We use vodka rather than brandy, as vodka is just very pure alcohol, whereas the quality of brandy varies greatly depending on its manufacturer. In addition, brandy includes a large variety of compounds from both the original distillation and the oak casks used for ageing.

Composite box of 20We feel very strongly that the quality of all vibrational essences are greatly influenced by the care taken at all stages of their preparation. In the production of the essences it is our aim to honour the inherent healing potential of the flowers to the greatest possible degree.

All the essences are standardised by dowsing methods during preparation so that all batches of stock essences have the same potency.


These essences are not medicines as the word is normally understood. They are not intended to cure or alleviate any medical condition. If in doubt, always consult your regular medical practitioner.

Their mode of operation is to help to rebalance the mind-body-spirit unity of the person taking them. However, physical health and symptoms are related to the internal harmony within the being, so improvements in clinical conditions may well be experienced.

They are catalysts for change, not medicines that impose their effects on the body. Because of this, their action will vary widely from person to person depending on the individual circumstances.