How to Take Flower Essences

Prescription bottleThe best method is to make a prescription bottle. Take a 10ml dropper bottle, then fill with 10ml of spring water (or 50% vodka and 50% water for longer keeping properties) and add 2 drops of each essence selected. In the case of alcohol intolerance, salt can be used instead of alcohol. In this case add approximately 25% by weight of sea-salt to the spring water and shake it until all the salt has dissolved.

The client should take three drops three times per day. The drops can be taken directly on the tongue or in a little water. If the problems are acute, then the prescription can be taken more frequently – every hour or so if needed. This is most likely where sudden shock has occurred, for example where there has been a bereavement.

If no dropper bottles are available, then two drops of each of the selected essences can be added to a small glass of water. A small amount of this can then be sipped three times per day. If it is kept refrigerated, this mixture has a useful life of about three days, after which a new mixture will need to be prepared.

A 10 ml prescription bottle will last approximately three weeks when used as directed. Normally it is best for the whole bottle to be taken. However, if symptoms are changing rapidly it may be advisable to check more frequently – say, every week – and adjust the prescription to reflect the client’s changing energies.

The essences are also effective if the drops are rubbed into the soft skin areas of the body such as the inner wrists or behind the ears. Essences can also be put into the bath.

Protection sprayThey can also be put into a spray bottle and sprayed around yourself.

The essences are entirely suitable for children; no change in dose is needed. Animals also respond very well to the flower essences. Drops can be put direct on food or in drinking water. Alternatively, they can be put on the skin of the ears for example. Small animals can take the same dose as humans; animals as large as horses do rather better when the number of drops is multiplied by three.

Up to five essences can be given at any one time. More than this is not normally recommended. Here it should be noted that the composite essences can be treated in exactly the same way as a single essence. If more than five appear to be needed, then it may be better to split the essences into two separate prescriptions. These could then be taken in alternate weeks, or the two prescriptions could be alternated day by day. The practitioner’s own diagnostic methods will determine which course of action to take.

Having stated this as a general guideline, it is important to note that this is not always the case and sometimes more essences are needed. The judgement of the prescriber should be trusted. Arthur himself would occasionally use as many as ten in a prescription, and this still happens with dowsed prescriptions from time to time.