Personal Energy Protection

Personal energy protection is something that is taken for granted in some cultures of the world and is the cause of raised eyebrows in others. We have all experienced the feeling of being drained after being in certain company, or in a particular place. When we make a conscious effort to protect our energy before spending time in potentially tiring circumstances, life becomes easier. Here’s more information on why we should need to look after our personal energy protection.

There are many different rituals and ceremonies for protection. Some are long and complex, some are simple and quick, depending on the level of protection that you need. For making flower essences, or working with clients, the need for protection is easily found in simple ritual.

The following are a selection of different ways to protect your personal energy that I have tried and enjoy using in different circumstances. I welcome any further suggestions that I can add to this page.

It’s easy to get stuck in a ritual – to follow the actions without conscious awareness of the meaning behind the ritual. When practicing any of the suggestions below, therefore, it is important to take a moment first to be fully aware of the reason for the action.

Heart Bubble Technique

Quick and easy. No-one need know you are doing it…..

Close your eyes and give yourself a moment of space.
Think consciously about your body. Feel your heart beating. Focus your energy on the beating of your heart, the inbreath and the outbreath, without consciously changing your rate of breathing. Feel calmness.
Imagine your heart energy swelling outwards like a pink field of energy. Allow the energy to grow until it surrounds you in a bubble of pink energy that is like a protective force around you. Watch the energy strengthen and pulsate. Enjoy the feeling of protection that you feel around you. Communication from your heart, feelings, emotions and intuition can pass freely through this barrier, but any ill-intent or harmful energies bounce away.
Allow the energy to slowly shrink back down so that it sits easily on the outside of your skin. Strong, loving, easy protection.
Slowly open your eyes, knowing that your heart protection is strongly engaged.

Protection & Clearing Spray

celebrity red carpet  prom dressesTake a bottle of Protection & Clearing spray, or some spray that is similarly made by yourself, and spray around you, allowing the spray to “rain” down over you. As you spray, put conscious awareness to the idea that you are cleansing and protecting your energy.

This spray contains Bailey Flower Essences for protection and cleansing: Black Locust, Giant Bellflower, Lichen, Scarlet Pimpernel and White Cherry.

It also contains essential oils of Rose for love, Lavender for healing and calming and grapefruit for cleansing.

The spray is particularly useful to use between clients, as you can freshen up the space you are using at the same time.

Sage Cleanse

Cleansing with sage is an ancient tradition. It’s easy to buy sage sticks these days, which usually come with instructions for use in cleansing rooms. Cleansing your personal energy is done in much the same way. You can use a sage stick, or you can simply burn a little dried sage in a bowl. Whichever method you choose, you need to make sure that the leaves or stick have been completely extinguished and that you are careful with any loose embers.

Personally, I like to do a sage cleanse outside, because our smoke alarm is very sensitive, and it’s piercing screech does not enhance the moment. 🙂

The idea is to waft the smoke around you, over you, behind you – to surround your body with the purifying energy of the sage. As you do this, the energy around you is cleansed and healed, and any old or negative energy is moved on.

Using the spray is easier, quicker and something we do daily in our lives at home and work, but I like to use sage cleansing from time to time because I like the ancient ceremonial feel.