Rebecca Hunter

BeccaRebecca Hunter has worked with flower essences and dowsing for over 25 years. She did her training with the late Arthur Bailey and continues in his footsteps….

I have been working with flower essences since around the mid 1980s. At that time, I became interested in the essences made by my step-father, Arthur Bailey. These are the Bailey essences; a wonderful and very powerful set of essences for working with personal growth.

Arthur taught me to dowse at around the same time and I had a lot of fun playing with dowsing and with the essences.

At some point around 1990, I was helping Arthur to clear his paperwork (not his strong point!). I found a pile of letters and money from people wanting to buy the flower essences. Some of these letters had been around for months! In fact, I seem to recall that some of the cheques had actually gone out of date.

At this time, Arthur was literally making up one bottle at a time as it was ordered, and typing the labels on a typewriter.

Arthur loved making and using the essences, but he really wasn’t all that interested in actually selling them! He was such a modest man that he found it genuinely baffling that people would be interested in his essences.

I offered to make up a small stock of each of the essences and helped him to create a leaflet. I started spending a little time each week answering the letters and posting off essences to people. At that time, there were 36 essences in total.

Over time, the business grew and I finally left my office job in 1993 just before I married Stephen, and started working with the flower essences full time.

It was a great experience to be involved in a small family business, and I learned a huge amount about essences and life in general through working so closely with Arthur and Christine.

I spent some time in the late 1980s working with Arthur and Chris’s meditation teacher, John Garrie. I learned a lot about myself and other people through his work and still practice some of his exercises to this day.

Both Arthur and Chris’s life was hugely shaped by their work with John Garrie, and that naturally had a knock-on effect to me.

Stephen and I started a family in 2000 and we have two young boys, Jamie and Oscar. I continued to work part time with the flower essence business and found using the flower essences with family issues to be invaluable.

Stephen has been involved in the flower essence business in a supporting role for many years now, and he was instrumental in designing the Five Elements Set with Chris and Arthur.

Over time, the essences grew in number. When Arthur died in 2008, there were 101 single essences and 24 composites, not including the Five Elements Set.

After Arthur died, something shifted within me and I have felt a different, deeper connection with the essences and the flowers they are made from.

I am fascinated by the language of plants and the heart-based work of Stephen Buhner in this regard. Learning more about the science behind the flower essences has confirmed all my thoughts and feelings through the years. Plant communication is a fascinating subject and I look forward to continuing my walk along this path.

I simply love to work with flower essences and people.

I look after myself and my family by practicing meditation, simple energy exercises, taking flower essences and laughing as much as possible.

I occasionally run courses on the flower essences on my visits back to England, and I am available for consultations with flower essences on skype or via email.

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