Why do you need Personal Energy Protection?

When doing energy work of any kind, it is wise to think about your personal energy protection. The burning of certain herbs, the ringing of bells, the use of sprinkled water – all these rituals are to do with cleansing and protection for humans from the energy around us. In most civilisations of the world, the shamans, religious leaders or wise ones recognised this need and there are many beautiful traditions shaped by this knowledge world-wide.

Everything is energy. All things are made from energy, held together in a certain way, and ever-changing. When we understand this, it is easy to see how we can then be physically affected by different forms of energy outside of ourselves. Different energy waves and frequencies all have an effect on our body. The branch of science that explains this is Quantum Physics.

When we deliberately choose to open ourselves up (in healing, meditation and plant communication, for example), it is important to protect ourselves from energy that could be detrimental to our well-being. It is a simple and straight-forward thing to protect ourselves, having largely to do with intent. We are human beings, with a physical body. We need to keep our boundaries intact in order to maintain health.

In Chinese medicine, there is a term for “negative” energy, for want of a better expression. It is known as Sha chi. Literally translated, this means “evil energy”. The energy is not actually evil. It is simply energy. But it may be energy that is detrimental to our health – and certainly it is not beneficial to our health.

It is actually quite important to be clear that this energy is not really “evil”. Giving an energy a name like that carries considerable weight and can be the cause of more problems. See Masaru Emoto’s work with words and water shown in this video

To understand further what I mean. One should strive to maintain a position of detachment. Otherwise we can easily be drawn in to the drama (all in our minds) of the energy. What is required here is a simple intention to protect, firmly given perhaps, but with a lightness of touch.

The chi (simply another word for energy) that we derive from food or breathing is beneficial, but the chi that comes on the wind is often detrimental to our physical and mental health. This is why Chinese Medicine practitioners talk about invasion of wind, and the need to protect ourselves from the wind – especially when we are open. Traditionally, for example, women who have just given birth should stay inside for a period of time, as they are still quite literally open from childbirth, and they need to be protected from the wind.

People can guard against sha chi by keeping their wei chi (defensive chi) firm. This defensive energy is generated by the lungs. It forms a “shield” on the surface of the skin. The lungs are related to the Metal element, which is all about boundaries.

Again, balance between the elements is crucial. We have a whole section on Five Elements and working towards harmony between the elements.

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