Beginner Meditation

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This beginner meditation is short and easy to do. There is no point in trying to sit for long periods of time in the beginning. It can be stressful, and it may be counter-productive. I think starting with a short meditation, preferably a couple of times a day, is a gentle and kind way to introduce this wonderfully relaxing activity.

This particular meditation is so short (just 3 minutes) that it can be used to punctuate your day very easily – perhaps several times.

Find a quiet spot and give yourself a few minutes of space to listen to this meditation. It is important to recognise that you can practice mindful meditation literally wherever you are. You can sit in a quiet place in a chair, on a bench in the park or by the river, or you can even meditate leaning against a wall or a tree.

Beginner meditation is probably best done in a quiet place to reduce distractions – but as time goes by, it is entirely possible to meditate on a train, in a busy street or at work in order to give yourself some essential stress relief.

Meditation sprayIf you would like, you can use some flower essences or a spray to help you to be focused. We have a meditation spray which includes flower essences and essential oils designed to help you to more deeply enter a meditative space.

This meditation is a basic breathing meditation. Following the breath is a very traditional way to focus during meditation. One simply becomes aware of the breath, and without trying to change the pattern of breath at all, one follows the breath as it comes in and as it is breathed out. Each time you find your mind wandering, you simply return your attention to the breath. Allow thoughts to float by like clouds. We don’t try to stop thoughts – that is the mind simply doing its job – but we don’t allow the focus to remain on those thoughts. In other words, we don’t think about them.

There is no need to change your breathing. You can just allow your breath to be as it is, and simply observe it. Each time you feel a thought coming into your mind, allow it to drift by. As soon as you realise that you have become caught up with a thought, let it go. Allow it to drift away like a cloud. Focus on your breathing. It is impossible to think of two different things at the same time, so focusing on your breathing essentially means that you are no longer caught up in your thought.

Ideally, you need an MP3 player or i-phone, or some other device that can play electronic files. Then you can plug in your headphones and listen to the meditation in peace anywhere you like. If you do not have a device of this kind, you can of course play the meditation through your computer.

So, find a place where you feel comfortable. It could be on a chair, on the floor; it may be sitting or lying down or even standing up, but your spine needs to feel upright or straight, but not rigid. When you have found your place, take a few moments to settle down, and then listen to the meditation.

3 minute beginner meditation

Once you are comfortable, you can play the meditation through. After you have finished with the meditation, you can carry through the calmness and stillness that you experience into the rest of your day. Through the day, if you find yourself getting caught up in useless looping thoughts, you can use the technique of allowing the thoughts to drop away, focus on your breath for a short while, and then carry on with your task.

If you would like to use some flower essences to help with the overactive mind that so often arises during meditation, then we recommend the following:

Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley

For yearning. For thinking that we need something else to be complete. Lily of the Valley helps to create an “empty cup” so that we make space for what we truly need.


Hairy SedgeHairy Sedge

For inattention to the present moment. When we spend our time in the past or in possible futures.


Solomons SealSolomon’s Seal

For the busy mind. Solomon’s Seal brings quietness and detachment from a chattering and over-active mind.


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