November 2015: Letting go

The leaves are almost fallen, the food is stored and a period of rest is beginning for most plants and animals. The season of Metal is a time to clean and firm up our boundaries in final preparation for Water, the time when we sink the most deeply into ourselves.

Metal Element

The symbol for Metal

When Metal energy is in balance, it supports the removal of the unnecessary in life so that what remains is the treasure, the golden nugget. Real treasure is personal wisdom and self-knowledge. This treasure is often the result of years of struggle.

Metal represents the treasure, but also the weapon that we can use as spiritual warriors to slice through and cut away the confusion, the fear, the anger that is hiding the treasure from our reach.

This cutting away of all that is unnecessary is the final cleaning. It is the time when we actually let go of things.

On a spiritual level, it is the time we finally let go of that which holds us back from being big, from being wise.

Metal energy in balance gives us the ability to discern that which is needed.

Flower Pic - Meadow RueMeadow Rue is a beautiful essence, fully in touch with that Metal energy, which helps us to see what will be to our detriment and what will be to our benefit so that we can see with clarity where we need to be heading to fulfil our true purpose in life.

Cleansing, physically in your environment, is a great thing to be doing at this time of year. But the emphasis of cleansing at this time of year is on actually removing unnecessary things from our environment and then cleaning the space that is left. It is the moment that the garbage actually ends up in the bin, the moment we drop off a consignment to the thrift store, the time when the filing is actually put away in the right file.

On an emotional level, Metal is associated with grief – the act of letting go of our losses. Grieving hurts and we often ignore it as a consequence.

Unfortunately, when we avoid grief, we can become rigid from ignoring our feelings. Eventually we can find ourselves unable to acknowledge grief at any level, and this means that we can no longer feel. If we become so numb that we cannot feel, we cannot feel the love either.

Difficult though it may be, Grief allows us to see and feel the treasure of life.

Yorkshire FogYorkshire Fog encourages us to shed our tears and wash away our anguish. Sometimes grief can have been stored away for years, waiting for an acknowledgement and the chance to express itself.

All too often society holds us back from easily expressing our griefs – even small ones. If we do try to express our sadness, we are reminded of the things we have to be grateful for. Allowing someone to grieve is a great gift. Grief is not regretful and self-indulgent. It is how human beings successfully release that which is no longer needed.

If we allow ourselves and others to express grief fully, then what naturally follows is a resolve and a recognition of what we have and the decision to move forward with it. Trying to get someone to move straight to this point of recognition without allowing them to express and feel their grief will not bring about the natural resolve that is so healthy.

Resolve that naturally arises from grief allows us to hold that which we have lost within our hearts, where all hurts and memories are stored to become a part of our inate and deep wisdom.

Experience becomes understanding. Understanding becomes wisdom. We truly learn from life if we can face and embrace our hurts, challenges and disappointments. Choosing to grow from our difficulties brings us strength and wisdom, and brings depth and richness to our lives.

It is worth remembering that grief is a spiral. There is no linear path straight to resolve. We move in, then out, then in again.

Dog RoseDog Rose is a beautiful essence to hold us through times of grief and sadness. It holds and supports us through grief in love and comfort.

You can help yourself at this time of year by eating foods that will support your Metal energies. White root vegetables are especially good. Think of onions, potatoes, ginger, garlic, yams and parsnips. Cauliflower is also a great general Metal tonifier. Baking and roasting food is good for your system at this time.

You can also benefit enormously this month from regular meditation that focuses on your breath. Lungs are one of the organs associated with Metal and spending regular time being aware of your breath encourages connectedness with all that is.


“Over time, these breathing practices calm the mind and heal the body by renewing our relationship with the rhythms of the universe.” Gail Reichstein


White Lotus