October 2015 – Completion and Grounding

We are still in the Season of Earth, although we are moving to Metal as this month passes by.

Jams and chutneysThe main aspect of Earth is bringing to fruition everything that has come before. You can have lots of creative ideas and lots of energy to work at things, but until you return to Earth, the project cannot be completed – the harvest cannot happen.

We are drawing close to the end of the Earth season, where we harvest and consolidate all that has gone before us in the year. In the natural world, we harvest our food and store it all away. In our inner world, all our experiences through Wood and Fire pull together and we begin to find a rhythm.

As we find this new rhythm settling into place, we can quite naturally find ourselves ready to clear and cleanse our space in order to allow ourselves to function optimally. This happens as we begin to move through Earth and into Metal.

When our Earth is in Excess, our homes are cluttered, our bodies and minds are cluttered and we are overwhelmed with “stuff”. As we move into Metal, we can find the gem, the perfect point of light, the diamond – but this relies on clearing the dross away.

The whole of the Metal season is an excellent time to find boundaries and cleanse and as Earth draws to a close, preparation for this time of cleansing can begin by making sure our feet are firmly on the ground. When we are properly Earthed, properly present, the job of cleansing can happen easily as we let go of our need to hoard the things that no longer serve us.

Walking on the earth with bare feet also helps. As does sitting very firmly on the ground to meditate – imagine that your sitting bones are sinking into the ground and that you are literally a part of the Earth. Which of course, you are….

To support yourself best at this time, continue to eat warm earthy foods and to eat regularly so that your blood sugar remains constant. Continue to allow a time for movement. And certainly make time for sharing meals with family and friends, for singing and for laughing together.

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To help with keeping ourselves fully grounded, remember ivy. Ivy roots us deeply and firmly. It pulls us out of our heads grounding us  into our bases so that we are no longer spacey and “out there”. We need to be truly in our bodies.


Indian Balsam


To help to keep our minds focused and in the present, think of Indian Balsam. Part of remaining down to earth, with our feet on the ground, is making sure that our mind stays present rather than drifting off into dreams. We need to be in this moment, rather than racing off to the next one, or wishing for the last one.


Protection spray


To help with the cleansing process, use Protection and Clearing, perhaps in a spray form.

You might be amazed at how easy it becomes to clear out clutter after spraying with Protection & Clearing!