Plant Communication

Norway Maple whole treeIf you choose to make flower essences, inevitably you enter the world of plant communication. You have to communicate with the plant to understand what it is sharing in the essence it provides. But there’s more to it than this. Welcome to the amazing world of plant communication!

Communicating with plants is part of our human heritage. Over the years, most of us in the “civilised” world have lost touch with the world that we live in. Communicating with plants is easy to learn, fascinating and deeply rewarding. This section of our site is about learning to experience a deeper connection with nature and with your own intuition.

People yearn to be more in touch with the spiritual side of life, to have something to believe in that makes sense. I wonder if simply re-connecting with nature may be a large part of what we lack. There is plenty of modern research that shows that connection with nature, even just by simply walking through the woods, reduces stress levels. Equally, it is well-known that stress is one of the strongest causative factors in ill-health today.

But imagine taking that simple nature walk one step further. Think how rewarding a deeper connection to nature could be.

Over the years, there have been several fascinating pieces of research about plant communication starting back in the 1960s. This video shows that plants have an emotional understanding of our thoughts. Using a polygraph machine, the human threat of attack brings about a response in the electrical activity of a plant, which can be measured. The plant clearly reacts to various different situations that it is put in, including being able to recognise a potential threat.

Also, experiments have been done to begin the process of literally teaching plants how to communicate with us, using machinery that can interpret their electrical responses. This is amazing and clearly shows the inter-relationship between plants and human activity.

Some researchers have taken this work further. In Italy, there is a community called Damanhur. Part of the very beautiful work of this community has been research into plant communication. A piece of equipment has been developed which measures the impedance of the plant and transforms the variations to an electrical signal. This electrical signal is transformed and used as an input for a synthesizer.

In simple terms, the plant can send electrical impulses to a synthesizer which can then play the music that the plant is feeling. Plants have to be taught to do this, and over time, they can learn to play very complex music. Plants can then teach other plants how to do this very quickly indeed, just by being in proximity with one another. Interestingly, plants may choose not to play music in hostile company, showing yet again the effects of our thoughts on the environment.

This first video clip shows a plant singing.

The second clip, also from Damanhur shows a little more about the community there. The video is in Italian, with subtitles. If you wish to skip directly to the part about the plant communication, you can go to 5.52 to start watching.
Plants love to work with us – I’m sure they have a far deeper understanding of our unity and oneness than most of us! They are happy to share their knowledge, their strength and their very essence. They love to communicate with us (clearly shown in the music videos above!) and they promote feelings of well-being within us.

We have information on plant communication for beginners, and we will continue to expand this section to cover various different ways in which to develop and deepen your connection to this beautiful Earth.