Black Formal DressesGreenbreath is a profound and rewarding way to communicate with plants. If you’re looking for a new and deeper way of connecting, this could be it! Pam Montgomery, author of a long time favourite book of mine, Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness, is the founder of this wonderful technique.

Breath is vital to our lives. On our inbreath we take in oxygen – all of which has come directly from the plants and trees that surround us. On the outbreath, we breath out carbon dioxide, which is in turn inhaled by plants. It is this conscious awareness of where our breath comes from that is the beginning of working with Greenbreath.

Alisa Starkweather, who works with women’s empowerment, ran a workshop working with transformational breathing using music as a focus. During this workshop, Pam instinctively reached for a plant to work with – in this case, White Pine. She had a profound and ecstatic experience during this meditation, feeling kundalini energy spiraling up her spine. This was a far more intimate experience than she had felt before and marked the beginning of a deepened communication with plants for Pam.

She and a group of women continued to meet to do breath work alongside music. Each of them followed their own experiences, and worked in different ways. Pam continued to work with plants, widening her experience and making new discoveries along the way.

Pam’s work led to this current form of journeying to other dimensions with evocative music and words to facilitate the experience. You can read more about greenbreath in her own words by visiting her website Partner Earth Education Center.

Greenbreath CD My first experience of greenbreath was really beautiful. I sat under a climbing rose that I felt drawn to, and listened to the music. Most of my experience with meditation has been simple quiet presence in the moment, so listening to music was very different for me.

I found the CD very easy to listen to and I felt a deep connection to the rose and to the universe. I loved having a guided experience. I found it very easy to remain focused on the music and the intention behind each part and by the end, I felt elated and yet deeply calmed at the same time.

Since that first experience, I have now worked with Dee Holden, who was trained by Pam. Having a Greenbreath session led by someone was an entirely different thing. I moved some deep blocks within myself and found the experience deeply fulfilling. The main difference in working with someone was the understanding of the very physical movement of the breath. This is not just breathing in and out with your mouth open – it is actually moving your body in a wave-like motion as you breath in and out.

I have used the greenbreath meditation several times since then. I find myself doing this when I really need some long and deep space to myself, especially when I feel scattered. The music acts as a kind of anchored focus for me and I find myself easily able to sit with the music for an hour and come away feeling most marvellously connected again.

Just to give you a flavour of the experience, Pam has very kindly allowed me to share this excerpt from the CD with you. Green Breath Clip This piece is just a small part from the beginning of the CD, helping with the settling in to a circular breathing pattern. The music changes through the CD as the meditation helps you to break down your inner barriers and then to opening up to the plant and the universe within and around you. It is not all drumming….

Sadly, the CD is only available to those who have attended a Greenbreath course with Pam. However, for anyone interested, Pam does run workshops in the US and occasionally in the UK. You can contact her directly at