Opening your Heart

Sacred Lotus FBThere is so much wonderful research that has been done recently to explore the Heart as an organ of communication and feeling. The heart is not merely a pump for moving blood around the body – it is an organ of perception. There is a measurable field that the heart emits that comes out beyond our skin.

When we are in touch with this heart field, we can perceive the energies around us in the way that we are meant to. We can accurately perceive moods and emotions from other people, and also with nature – plants and animals, material form of any kind and even energies that we cannot actually see.

In modern times, our upbringing and education teach us to focus on the brain as the organ that is in charge. This gives us a skewed version of how the world is meant to be. When we open our hearts and listen to the perceptions of the heart, we understand that the brain and the heart and other organs in the body are actually entwined in a much more complex way than most people believe at present.

If we lead with heart perception, then the heart communicates to the brain the underlying messages that it receives from the world around it – loving energies, warnings, energy drains and so on. When we accept this perceptiveness, then the brain has a wonderful partnership with the heart which leads us to make healthy decisions and choices in life.

For more information about heart perception and the heart as the primary organ of communication, I can’t recommend more highly The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in Direct Perception to Nature by Stephen H Buhner, available on Amazon. It is a truly marvellous book that gives great insight into plant communication based on developing our heart perception. The first part of the book is very scientific and explains in detail the research into heart communication. The second part of the book works on feelings and learning to develop and open your heart.

The essence of allowing heart perception includes developing our awareness of ourselves and developing a deep acceptance and love of ourselves.

Here are a couple of exercises that you can try yourself to begin to develop acceptance of yourself and an open heart.

Mirror Exercise
This simple exercise can be quite difficult to do if you are struggling with your sense of self-worth, but with practice, it will bring enormous changes.

Each day, preferably several times a day, go and look at yourself in the mirror. Allow your eyes to travel over your body and your face and finish up by looking yourself right in the eye. While looking yourself in the eye, say out loud, “I love you”, with as much meaning and depth as you can muster. Say it 5 times. Observe but do not become involved with the feelings that arise.

Be aware that this exercise can be amazingly difficult to do…. The first time I did this, at a very low and difficult point in my life, I could not actually look myself in the eye as I said the words, “I love you”. And as I said them, I could feel my face redden with denial, and my mind virtually screaming, “No I don’t! I hate you! You’re ugly and worthless!”

By persevering, and looking at myself once every hour for several days, I reached a point where I could look myself in the eye and recognise my own self-worth.

If you find that this exercise brings up such extreme feelings, it is worth finding a caring practitioner of your choice to work with. It’s easier to process and work with these kind of very deep feelings with someone who has the training to handle your growth skilfully.

For most people, this exercise brings up less extreme feelings, but often a slight feeling of discomfort that can easily be worked through, especially with the help and support of flower essences.

It’s useful to spend a little time journaling straight after the exercise so that you can record feelings that arise and be aware of how this changes over time.

Simple Heart Meditation
Wherever you are, simply begin to be aware of your body. Don’t try to change anything, simply become more aware of the way you are holding yourself and the way you are breathing. Allow your focus to move to the area in your chest around your heart. Imagine a strong but transparent field around your heart, and allow this field to widen to encompass your whole body. Now imagine that field growing beyond your body. Allow your energy to intermingle with the energy around you and open yourself to allowing perceptions and feelings to arise.

Be with this extended field and the feelings of perception for a while and allow very deliberate feelings of reassurance to arise from your heart to your mind. This is the way you are meant to be. You are a powerful and perceptive being.

After doing this meditation, it’s an interesting exercise to spend some time with people, while maintaining the feeling of open heartedness. Observe what feelings you feel, notice how much more you see in people. Notice also if there is any difference in the way that people behave towards you.