Plant Communication for Beginners

How do you begin the process of plant communication? It’s really a matter of making a healthy connection with your intuition and trusting yourself and the process. These are some suggestions for beginning the rewarding journey of communicating with plants and indeed with our beautiful planet and beyond.

Firstly, it is a good idea to pay attention to your personal energy protection before doing any kind of energy work – it’s just good practice. You can read more about how to go about this on our page about Personal Energy Protection, or more read about why it is important to protect your personal energy.

Perhaps the first question to answer is which plant to choose. There are many reasons to want to begin working with plant communication. Perhaps you want to make a flower essence? Maybe you are drawn again and again to the same tree or flower? Or perhaps you are simply intrigued with the idea of opening up your intuition and claiming your rightful depth of communication with our world.

If you don’t already know which plant you want to work with, I suggest going for a walk in the woods, or by a river someplace out in nature where you can find somewhere to sit undisturbed for a while. Take a rug, wear warm clothes, make sure you pack a drink and a snack – anything that will make you feel physically comfortable while you sit for a while with your plant. If you think you might like to make a flower essence, or collect the plant, then you will need to take the right equipment with you.

Also take a notebook and pen. You need somewhere to record your feelings. If you are artistically inclined, you could take some pencils and a sketch pad. I find this works well for me (I wouldn’t call myself an artist….. but I enjoy the record). I make my sketches and then allow words to come up, which I write down. It’s my nature journal.

Especially when you’re starting out, it’s also a good idea to take some flower essences that will help to open up your intuitive senses. I recommend:

The supportive inner teacher, the guide. Forms links with our soul and intuition.

Himalayan Blue PoppyHimalayan Blue Poppy
Enables us to communicate with other kingdoms – plant, animal or mineral, by stimulating our intention.
Sacred LotusSacred Lotus
A powerful essence to open the Heart to the love of the Universe.
Solomons SealSolomon’s Seal
For the busy mind. This remedy helps bring quietness and detachment.
Unifies mind-body-spirit, helping us to break free of restricting beliefs and patterns.

Walk with ease and awareness. Enjoy the feel of the sun (or rain!), feel the earth beneath your feet (if you can walk barefoot, so much the better). Allow yourself to be taken where your feet wish to take you. If this is causing you worry, or if you find yourself being too focused on wondering which plant you will be drawn to, try taking Unification to break down restrictive thought patterns. Or Solomon’s Seal to calm the chattering mind.

Eventually, you will feel drawn to a tree, flower, lichen. It might be big and showy or small and intricate. Go with what feels right. Find somewhere by your plant to sit. Spend some time sitting with the environment that this plant grows in, getting a sense of the interconnectedness of all the plants growing nearby, of the direction of flow of energy, if you feel it.

Now sit with this plant, and introduce yourself. Seriously…. Let the plant know who you are, and ask if it will share its wisdom with you. Open yourself to hear the answer. When approached with manners and shown the courtesy you would give to a respected older person, plants are usually delighted to share. If your plant is not willing to share right now, there is a good reason. Move on. Find another. The time may not be right for you, even though you feel a pull.

Himalayan Blue Poppy2017 affordable wedding dresses,bridal gownsJust go with your intuition on this one. Trust. If you find yourself floundering, take Himalayan Blue Poppy and some Almond. Himalayan Blue Poppy opens you up to inter-species communication, Almond puts you in touch with your own inner guide. If it all feels a little silly, then laugh about it. This is not a serious business! It’s a true joy.

Once you are settled with a plant, get yourself comfortable. Go with the flow – if you chose a tree, you may like to stand with the tree, or lean against it, or lie beneath it and gaze up into its branches. Or all three…. Put your hands on the plant, or very close to it if you feel it is too delicate to be touched. Open your mind to receive information.

Pay attention to how your body feels.

Is there tightening in certain places? Does your breathing change? Where in your body do you feel the focus? Perhaps you feel an emotion in a very physical way? Do tears come to your eyes, or do you feel a towering rage? Perhaps a time in your life suddenly comes up – a particular incident, an evocative feeling that you experienced at a particular moment, a memory of a person you know.

Be aware of all these things. Take the time to write them down in your journal. Don’t focus on them. Just record them in words, pictures, colours – any way that feels good to you.

Take your time. There is no speed record for this.

Solomons Seal
Sacred LotusIf you find yourself feeling stuck at this point, perhaps you can’t calm your mind down, it is filled with too many thoughts. Try taking Solomon’s Seal to bring calmness and tranquillity. Or if you find it hard to trust – try taking Sacred Lotus to open up your heart centre.

If you find yourself experiencing “negative” things – confusion, “this is silly”, shame, mistrust etc, write it down. Your plant may be telling you that this is what it is for! When I made an essence out of White Iris, for example, I felt sick with revulsion when I moved to collect the flower. I actually turned away. I thought I had made a mistake. It turned out that the flower essence is for deep shame that leads to inner self-revulsion!

When you feel that you have spent enough time with the plant, say thank you. If you feel drawn to do so, you may decide to make a flower essence from the plant, or perhaps even collect it and dry it and use it in a herb tea, if you know the plant well and there are plenty around. Ask the plant first. Plants are our teachers, and they are also here to sustain us. They are willing to share their energy on many different levels.

If you feel drawn to do so, you could try a breathing meditation with a plant.

It’s interesting to note that Arthur would often collect a flower to make an essence without the slightest clue as to what the essence was for! He would simply feel drawn to make an essence and he would do so at the time, and work out meanings later.

If you found this fascinating, but you would prefer to work directly with a teacher to learn about plant communication in a more guided way, please read our page on courses. Some people work well following entirely their own path – others feel more comfortable with a guide. Working with a teacher first gives you a rooted security from which to explore.