September 2015: Nourishment

As we move into September, we are moving from Fire to Earth and our deep need at this time is for good nourishment.

Earth is our base, our Mother, the arms that hold us. When Earth is in balance, we are ready for the world. Without our Earth in balance, times can feel uncertain and it is difficult to function properly.

Earth foodsOne of the best ways that we can make sure that our Earth is in balance is to eat the right food and to eat it regularly.

We need nourishing food to clear out our systems and to build our inner stores ready for winter. Food that is earthing and nourishing includes root vegetables (such as onions, carrots, swede), grains (such as wheat, millet, amaranth) and meat (particularly red meat such as beef and lamb) or nuts and pulses such as lentils.

In order to support Earth, food should be cooked as this is easier on the Spleen. Warm winter stews and soups are perfect. In general, avoid uncooked foods and too much sweet food. We also need to eat regularly, not too much, and not too late at night. But in particular, we need to take real care over the way that we eat.

amaranthEating well does not just mean whether we are eating enough protein, or whether the vegetables we eat are organic, or “good for us”. In order to maintain balance in Earth, the care that we take over the preparation of our food, the prayers of gratitude that we offer, and the way that we eat the food are enormously important. In order to feed our Earth energies, food needs to be truly appreciated. Meal times should be calm and friendly.

runner-beansEarth is about transformation. Seeds fall and Earth nourishes and feeds them. They grow into beautiful, delicious and nutritious fruits, vegetables and grains that we can eat. We can transform food into a vast array of different tasting meals by roasting, frying, steaming. And when we eat, our bodies transform that food into energy through our most amazing system of digestion. Energy that gives us the ability to move, think and live well.

Take time this month to truly appreciate your food. Take some time to cook some delicious meals, and certainly organise some shared meals with friends. If you can make these shared meals roll into an evening of singing and fun, you will truly nourish your Earth energies.

huggingSinging and hugging are wonderful Earth expressions that feed our soul and remind us of all that is positive about humanity and community.

If none of this is possible, and all you have are Pot Noodles or a quick sandwich, then take time out to eat it. Eat it slowly. Appreciate it. Give thanks for the nourishment that this food is giving you. If you only have salad, don’t worry… worry is an out of balance Earth emotion. Simply enjoy the food that you have with genuine gratitude. This will sustain you.

If you have no-one to share with, then wrap yourself in a blanket and cozy up with your food while you watch a good movie, or read an excellent book.

The main thing is the way in which we take in our energy. I’d like to share this film of my friend Fiona in chemotherapy.   Fiona made the decision that instead of feeling revulsion for the chemotherapy drugs, she would view them with gratitude for the good that they would do her. This is courageous and beautiful and the appreciation of all that we take in reflects balanced Earth energies. The abundance of healthy gratitude leads to true inner transformation and growth. Gratitude is also food.

Essences to think of for maintaining healthy Earth energies are:

Mediterranean Sage

Mediterranean SageMediterranean Sage brings out the Earth qualities of warmth, comfort and wisdom. It helps to catalyse insight from a firm earthed base.



Ivy helps us to be strongly rooted in the world when we feel uprooted by the forces around us.

Bog Asphodel

Bog Asphodel

Bog Asphodel is for the those who put their own needs before others. We need to look after our own needs as well as those of other people.

I wish you all an abundant September and I hope you have many wonderful meals to share.