September 2016 – Transition


I felt the first stirrings of Autumn a few days ago as we began our transition into the Earth season of the Five Elements. The light changed and there was just a hint of a nip in the morning air. It’s hot today, but the seeds of change have been planted.

Earth is very much to do with transitions and at this time of year there are many to deal with. There is the natural transition towards the colder seasons, people are going back to school, the harvest is being collected and there’s a general feeling of knuckling down and stepping up the pace.

Transition essence

The Bailey essence of Transition can be used at this time of year as a way of settling easily into the season. It contains Bistort, which gives inner support, Single Snowdrop which gives us courage to move forward to new beginnings and Spring Squill which encourages us to fly in freedom. It’s a good back to school essence.

Roots in Earth

Earth is considered by many to be the central element – the one on which all the others hang. Without Earth, we can’t exist. We need to have our roots firmly grounded in Earth. Being grounded keeps us fully in our bodies and the present moment. Otherwise, we can tend to drift off in our minds, getting carried away with ideas or fantasies about how we wish our lives were.

Grounding is an excellent essence to bring us into the here and now. No matter what is happening in our lives, it is better to be fully present with it than to avoid it. Once we are grounded, we can face change with more equilibrium and acceptance.

Grounding Essence

Early Purple Orchid opens up our energy centres.
Ivy brings us down to Earth.
Star of Bethlehem addresses shock which also brings us back into our bodies.
Mediterranean Sage is the remedy for earthing, bringing energies of warmth, comfort and wisdom.

Acceptance is an Earth quality. Earth allows.

The very presence of the Earth allows us to be here. When Earth is in balance within us, we can allow life to unfold as it will. However, when Earth is out of balance, we tend to worry and cling – whether that is to people or things. This can stunt natural growth, stopping people and situations from reaching their full potential.

Not worrying doesn’t mean we don’t care.

We can listen deeply, have empathy, show sympathy, give hugs, provide practical assistance where needed. All these are all beautiful Earth qualities that we can offer without getting caught up in some else’s pain and suffering.

When we care for someone in a balanced way, we allow them space and we provide nurture, comfort and care without being sucked into a vortex of worry and having our own fears triggered. Care of this nature is deeply nourishing. It feeds the soul of the receiver, enabling them to find their own way through life with strength in their own roots. It’s as though we help to provide a rich soil for our loved ones to grow in – one full of positive upliftment, nourishing self-esteem and acceptance.

Clear the clutter!

Protection sprayThis kind of caring can also be bestowed upon the places within our lives. This has the advantage of balancing Earth so that we are able to nourish others. This is a great time of year to pay attention to your surroundings and to make repairs and tidy things up – especially any clutter that there may be. It’s interesting to me to notice that when we make physical changes, it has a direct influence on our feelings and the way our minds work. When we tidy up a room, clear out the clutter and bring in some beauty, we simply feel better and more able to think clearly.

I regularly use the Protection and Clearing spray for keeping the energy clear in our home.  I find that when we spray regularly, it’s easier to keep on top of the clutter. Spraying with Clearing spray before you start cleaning jump-starts the process.

How to bring balance to Earth.

When I feel that my Earth is unbalanced (which is my tendency), these are the things I do to get back on track:

1. I change as many appointments as I can in order to allow myself time at home.

2. I clear the kitchen table and I clean the sitting room. If this feels overwhelming, you can clear a part of the sitting room – an armchair and the table next to it would work.

3. I clear out the fridge. When Earth is out of balance, food often accumulates.

Brown Bridesmaid Dresses4. I cook Earth nourishing food. Choose root vegetables and squashes and cook them well. Roasted veggies, warming soups, meat stews and mashed potatoes all fit the bill. Avoid cold food altogether. If it’s hot weather and you wish to eat salad – eat it at room temperature rather than straight from the fridge. Avoid ice in particular.

5. I spend time with friends or family eating the above food or alternatively, I cuddle up with books and watch TV with the food. Either works.

6. In summer, I go out into the garden in bare feet and spend time just being on the Earth.

Green Celebrity prom Dresses7. I remind myself of the things I have to be grateful for. On a bad day, this might be simply the fact that I have a roof over my head. On a better day, I live in a beautiful place, with family around me and I am well! It’s all a matter of perspective….. 🙂

Essentially, I look after myself and my surroundings.

Balancing Earth is something that takes time.

When we begin a new relationship, we do so using our Fire energy. We feel an attraction and we follow it up with conversation and getting to know someone – we make connections. But Earth energy allows that relationship to deepen and grow into a true friendship. Earth represents the building of trust – and this applies to our own self-care. As we pay attention to our own self-care, over time the trust deepens and the Earth element within us begins to balance out naturally.

I hope you find many ways to look after yourself and your loved ones this month.

Here’s to happy transitions, de-cluttering and to many happy meals with friends!